Staunton: Changes in procedures for permits, inspections

stauntonThe Building Services Division of Community Development in the City of Staunton has implemented significant changes in procedures for permits and inspections.

Those in need of permits to start and/or complete projects are encouraged to call the Building Services Division at 540.332.3862 to make sure they are downloading the correct permit application and for information regarding any fees that may be required. All permitting will occur through the U.S. mail.

The most significant procedural change will be for those who are in need of inspections. No longer will code inspectors make in person inspections. Until further notice, inspections will be handled virtually. In the event that a virtual inspection is not acceptable, a third-party inspection will be required.

To receive detailed instructions on how to schedule and implement a virtual inspection, visit the Building Services Division website at

Another key function of the Building Services Division of Community Development is property maintenance. As the grass growing season has arrived, residents need to be aware that the only property maintenance complaints staff will be responding to are imminent life safety complaints (e.g. gas leaks, electrical hazards, improper venting of fuel fired appliances, potential structural collapse, etc.).  Each situation will be handled on a case by case basis to determine the best course of action.


Contact Community Development at 540.332.3862.

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