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Staunton author contributes to marketing best-seller

The media landscape is changing, and not just for consumers of news and entertainment.

“No one has a dollar to waste, so being able to put your dollars to where they’re going to be likely to give you a return really helps as you’re moving forward,” said Harmony Tenney of Staunton, a featured author in the best-selling marketing book R.O.I Marketing Secrets Revealed.

Tenney lent her experience and expertise in radio advertising – 12 years with the Charlottesville Radio Group, which includes WINA, 3WV, Z95.1, WVAX and WCNR – to the book, which also features perspectives from insiders on marketing on the web, in print, on television and emerging new media strategies for getting messages out to consumers and potential clients.

“This book is sort of an advertising bible. Looking at what works in each is going to make a big difference,” said Tenney, who has contributed to four other business-marketing books and is a featured writer for business magazines including Radio Ink and Radio and Television Business Report.

Her advice to those interested in radio advertising: target, target, target.

“By looking at the station’s format, and understanding who their primary listening audience is, you will be able to match your goods and services to the right audience,” Tenney said. “It’s helpful that there are different formats in radio – some that appeal more to men, some that appeal more to women, some that appeal to very highly educated and affluent adults, and some that appeal to younger adults. And when you know that going in, then you have the beginnings of a strong return on investment opportunity.”

It will be important for business owners and managers to get a handle on the changing landscape to maximize their return.

“This is a golden age of advertising that we’re entering into,” Tenney said. “Being able to really understand all the different ways you can reach your target demographic and your target consumers and your target clients is very important. Small businesses can perhaps learn some new ways to market or ways to market better, and larger businesses will be able to make sure that they haven’t passed by or overlooked something that’s just coming on the horizon.”

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