State sets first 70-mph speed limit under new law

Edited by Chris Graham

Gov. Bob McDonnell today announced the first stretch of Virginia interstate to post a 70-mph speed limit under a new state law that goes into effect today, July 1st.

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton unveiled the new 70-mph sign along I-295 from I-95 in Prince George County south of Petersburg to just south of the Route 60/Interstate 64 interchange in Henrico County. While campaigning for governor, McDonnell proposed the speed limit increase to 70 mph in rural and less populated areas as a way to improve transportation in the Commonwealth.

House Bill 856 and Senate Bill 537 passed by the General Assembly and signed by McDonnell in March, allows the Virginia Department of Transportation to increase the maximum highway speed limit to 70 mph on certain highways after the completion of a traffic engineering study.

“This past session we laid an important foundation for the future of transportation in Virginia. The increase in the speed limit from 65mph to 70mph in rural and less populated areas of the state will help Virginians arrive at their destinations quicker, and safer,” McDonnell said.

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