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Amanda Chase to seek Republican gubernatorial nomination

Amanda Chase
Amanda Chase

State Sen. Amanda Chase announced she will run for the Republican nomination for governor in 2021 regardless of the method chosen.

Chase, who had announced back in February that she would run for the GOP nomination next year, had reversed course last week, saying she would run as an independent, after the state party decided to choose its nominee by convention, forgoing a June primary.

Statement from Chase:

“I love Virginia and the conservative values ‘We The People’ hold dear in our hearts. As the strongest voice for our small businesses, the leading champion for your 2nd Amendment, a strong advocate for Pro-Life, leader for our family values, and fighter against the socialist agenda that’s going after our Liberties and Constitutional Freedoms, I represent YOU. I represent ‘We The People.’

“I represent conservatism.

“I am a Republican.

“Virginia needs strong relentless ‘tried by fire’ leadership who will fight against the growing socialist Democratic Party. I’ve promised Virginians that I will represent them first and foremost. I have promised Virginians that I will fight for their liberties and constitutional freedoms.

“My team and I have received thousands of communications across the Commonwealth this past week asking me to continue to run as the next Republican Governor of Virginia.

“I can not in good conscience let the liberal agenda retake our Governors mansion, so I will still continue to seek the Republican nomination as a Republican in either a Primary or Convention.

“With the growing support of ‘We The People,’ Republicans, conservatives and independents, I will win either in a primary or convention.

“There is too much at stake in Virginia.

“I’m state Senator Amanda Chase thanking you for your support, prayers and encouragement this past week.

“Together we will Take Back Virginia Again.”

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