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Spring jewelry finds for 2021

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Jewelry has been overlooked for the larger part of 2020, except for the hand-beaded chains for your mask. Despite the situation, designers have created a variety of gorgeous styles for the new spring season. The unique mix of jewelry ranges from black tie baubles to casual jewelry. For sure, the season should be shiny for you, and here are the trends you will need to consider.

Stunning spring jewelry finds

Here are the stunning Spring jewelry finds

  • Thick chains: Although chains have appeared in several collections over the seasons, they are a staple accessory for everyone. Notably, there is a difference with the modern chains for the 2021 spring. The chains come with a significant width of the links to show a command and bold attention. The new trends can be paired with a windbreaker and complement with a sleek top with cutouts. The chains that range from Brunello Cucinelli to Victoria Beckham are easily noted and seem to trend for their sizable links.
  • Gigantic earrings: The new trends in earrings have shown that modern jewelry should not necessarily be fine. Instead, designers can make them more attractive by hammering brass, silver, and gold. Although the technique is shown to trend for many years, it only gained popularity in the 2021 spring. Designers have adopted this idea and presented the assortments in cuffs that resemble pieces common in the Bronze Age but with modern input and expression. The hammered metal texture takes center stage and led to the development of unique earrings from Valentino to Chloe.
  • The beach style jewelry: Most beachgoers have been affected by the prolonged restrictions and lockdowns imposed in the whole of last year. Designers have also been forced to remain indoors for an extended period. However, the 2021 spring season saw an introduction of jewelry ideal for a holiday on the beach. For instance, various designers such as Christian Dior have developed bracelets and necklaces with multicolored coffee beans shells, and pearl. Similarly, Verace showcased the virtual Atlantis, which featured vibrant drawstring bracelets, starfish earrings, and textured Metal and Resin neon chokers. So, although you might take some time before you book your next trip to the beach, you can quench your thirst with an assortment of baubles, including the Sal Bracelet.
  • The hanging earrings: London to Paris designers, have come up with a new trend of Spring earrings that drop from the ear like it was hot. For instance, the mod-inspired earring from Saint Laurent was made of metal and resin with flower-like posts. In the same way, the ornate chandeliers by Simone Rocha displayed earrings that resemble pearls and are made of white beads. These trends prompted the Paco Rabanne designers to introduce shoulder-grazing earrings.

The Spring season comes with more life and design as notable designers display new trends. You need to wear the jewelry that trends to show continuity with post-pandemic life. Choose the best bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for the wide range of options provided.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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