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Spring Fashion Debut: Anniversary bling

It’s an anniversary celebration 20 years in the making for Cookie Lee Jewelry, and three years for senior consultant Crystal Abbe Graham.

“This year marks 20 years for Cookie Lee Jewelry in the jewelry business which is just astonishing,” said Graham, who celebrates her third anniversary as a consultant with Cookie Lee on Feb. 9. “I still feel like I’m introducing Cookie Lee to the region, but it’s catching on fast.”

Cookie Lee Jewelry will be one of more than 20 vendors participating in the Feb. 11 Love is in the Air: Spring Fashion Debut in downtown Waynesboro from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Gateway.

Graham will make sure that the Cookie Lee anniversary celebration extends to the Feb. 11 event with a free gift to everyone who stops by her booth. “Why not give everyone a little bling to mark the occasion?”

“There’s so much to celebrate beyond just my anniversary with Cookie Lee,” Graham said. “The company itself is offering 20 items on sale for only $20 each in the new Spring/Summer catalog.”

And price point is important in the jewelry industry. With dozens of direct-sale companies specializing in all styles of jewelry, the competition is fierce.

“The thing you won’t get from Cookie Lee Jewelry is sticker shock,” said Graham. “Before I started in direct sales, I attended other jewelry parties and was overwhelmed with some of the prices. I remember paying $100 for a necklace once, and I couldn’t really afford that.”

With Cookie Lee, you can get necklaces, earrings, toe rings and so much more at affordable prices, Graham said. “Nothing in our catalog is more than $50.”

“I plan to have new jewelry from the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog plus a large selection of items hand-picked for Valentine’s Day,” she said. “From hearts to keys, Cookie Lee has something for the sweetheart on your list.”

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