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Spanberger statement on vote to keep government open

Abigail SpanbergerRep. Abigail Spanberger today released the following statement after voting with a bipartisan majority of the U.S. House to keep the federal government open through Dec. 20.

“The reckless government shutdown earlier this year was a disaster—and it seriously jeopardized the financial security of federal employees, our servicemembers, and their families. Today, I’m glad the House voted to keep our federal government open and to prevent federal workers from going without pay or being furloughed around the Thanksgiving holiday. And especially as we enter the holiday travel season, I’m relieved that our airways and points of entry will continue to be adequately staffed and protected by dedicated personnel. This bipartisan funding agreement also includes a much-needed raise for our servicemen and women, and I’m encouraged that it recognizes the need for an accurate collection of the 2020 census.

“But as we continue to fund our government through these stopgap measures that pass only due to the pervasive threat of shutdown after shutdown, Democrats and Republicans need to recommit to improving our budget procedures. At this stage, we’re running out of ways to describe this Groundhog Day pattern of Congress moving from one potential budget crisis to another. Central Virginians deserve better, and I’ll keep working with my colleagues to build a pathway toward a balanced budget, work across the aisle to strengthen investments in our communities, and responsibly address our ballooning federal debt and deficits.”

The funding agreement includes a 3.1 percent pay increase for U.S. servicemembers and strengthened funding for the U.S. Department of Commerce to implement the collection of the 2020 census.

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