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Spanberger, Neguse press Schumer to call vote on gun violence prevention legislation

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Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-07) and Joe Neguse (D-CO-02) are leading 65 of their House colleagues in urging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to bring two gun safety bills to the floor of the U.S. Senate for a vote.

A bipartisan majority of the U.S. House voted on March 11 to pass legislation to close existing background check loopholes and make sure that individuals already prohibited from gun possession under federal law are unable to purchase firearms. Although this legislation passed in the House more than three weeks ago, Schumer has yet to set a date for consideration of these bills in the U.S. Senate.

In a letter sent to Schumer, the coalition of House Democrats called on the Senate to act and vote on this gun violence prevention legislation. Additionally, they stressed the pressing need for these measures, emphasizing the lives lost to gun violence across the country since the House passed the bills last month.

The letter comes less than two weeks after a mass shooting in Boulder, Colo. — which Congressman Neguse represents — took the lives of 10 individuals, including an officer who gave his life saving others.

“In the 22 days since the House passed these common-sense gun violence prevention measures, Americans of all ages across the country have lost their lives to gun violence, and their families, friends, and communities have had their lives forever shattered,” said Spanberger, Neguse, and their colleagues. “In honor of those who have been murdered in their workplaces, grocery stores, and neighborhoods since March 11 and the generations of Americans lost to gun violence, the Senate must act and bring H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446 for a vote.”

Their letter continues, “We worked to gain and maintain majorities in the Senate and the House so that we could bring consequential, life-saving legislation to a vote. The American people expect action, and the Senate must act. The American people deserve to know where their Senators stand on H.R. 8 and H.R.1446.”

The Bipartisan Background Checks Act requires background checks on all gun sales or transfers — including online, person-to-person, or at a gun show. The Enhanced Background Checks Act extends the amount of time that federal law enforcement have to complete necessary background checks for the small percentage of individuals that are not cleared within minutes of the background check submission.

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