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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham

PUSH: Waynesboro City Council still can’t decide what to do about stormwater
It seems to me that the general fund is a bad place to get money for improvements to a service like this.
That might be me, but …
I understand that the chamber of commerce has been up in arms about how the proposed fee structure would impact on the business community.
Question: Is the chamber (full disclosure: Augusta Free Press Publishing, our parent company, is a member) equally concerned about the impact on the residential community as well?
ASCENDING: In this particular instance, nobody
HOLDING: Waynesboro City Council, Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce
DESCENDING: Private residents in Waynesboro

WINNERS: The Graham family
Many thanks to the many of you who sent us condolences in the wake of the passing of my father, William Mark Graham, age 54, last week.
We are honored that you took the time to think of us – and that so many of you made it out to family night on Saturday.
ASCENDING: My belief in the good of fellow man (and woman)
HOLDING PATTERN: My ability to get through the issues that arise when someone this close dies suddenly

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