Somebody needs to leave

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“If somebody has a problem with our country, if somebody doesn’t want to be in our country, they should leave.”

Fair point.

A counter to that point: what if the problem that we have with our country is, we think it can be better?

Better than, for example, having our chief spokesperson tweet, and then double-down in comments to the press, to the effect that congressional critics who happen to be persons of color can go back to wherever they came from?

Do we still have to leave, if we don’t think we just have to accept that the President thinks it’s OK to tell people who criticize him who happen to be persons of color to go back to Africa?

It’s to the point that some of us find ourselves pining for the days when the racism was thinly veiled.

This is the battle right now.

Sadly, unfortunately.

A minority, a loud minority, but still, a minority, wants a return to the 1950s social order – white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, straight, male.

If that doesn’t describe you, then you are, and Lindsey Graham said it directly today, a “communist.”

And our President has your marching orders: leave.

Another counter to the point: what if, if you don’t like diversity, of opinion, of people, experiences, what if you leave?

Column by Chris Graham

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