Some tips for how to recruit In 2020

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We are all familiar with the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” What this means is the quality of your team is everything when it comes to meeting your business objectives. A key part of ensuring you are operating with an A grade team is to go through sound recruitment practices.

Trends come and go, but here are some top tips by recruitment experts to ensure you’re doing your hiring right in 2020.

Bring Clarity to Your Job Postings

Take the time to write a custom job post, rather than a rehash of what else is out there on other post. The small amount of time invested in this will pay off in the quality of applicants you receive.

While posting about a job you should always make the duties and responsibilities clear. For example, include the projects the new employee would probably be associated with and the level of expertise it would require.

This way the person applying for the job would understand what you are looking for and come well prepared for that, besides, it is going to save you a lot of time.

Regularly Check How Your Job Posts Are Going

If you are not progressing or updating to towards the modern trends then you are losing a lot of good options and opportunities.

Make sure that you keep a check on your job postings on different sites. For example, monitor which means is bringing in more employees and also the quality of what you are receiving. You can control these by using a recruitment agency software.

These days, almost everyone is connected through social media. So, make sure that you post your next job opening on LinkedIn and Facebook page – its free to do this so cannot hurt to try.

Make your Process Transparent

Make sure to provide the candidates with the same kind of honesty that you’re expecting from them.

If you want to recruit top-class candidates then this transparency is what’s going to help you. Let these candidates know what your company can offer them. There are a couple of things that you should set beforehand, these include:

  • Be clear about the salary packages.
  • Follow the interview timeline you have worked on.
  • Always send positive criticism to the interviewee.

Assess Each Candidate on Their Attitude Not Their Credentials

Attitude is everything. While relying on stellar work history does generally bring in better candidates, try occasionally looking for the hire that has some diverse experience or a background somewhat different from who you have hired before. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Hire Candidates Who Are Aligned with Your Companies Values

Alignment is everything. You cannot force someone to work with you and people who are not in tune with the company’s values will be short lived (and may even be disruptive in while they are in your company).

You can assess this by adopting a conversational style to your interviews. Assess the loyalty of this candidate by his CV, ask him questions related to the challenges he might face to judge his decision-making skills and creativity, ask them their motive of choosing your company.

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