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At present every child’s parent has enough affection and care for them. Never let the child be hidden from sight. Sometimes when they go out for work, their worries increase. Many parents wonder if there is a way to take care of their children when they go out. Science must have heard them. Today technology has come a long way with the blessings of science. When someone in the family or a child goes out of the house, everyone naturally worries because the danger always comes unknowingly. If you go out, there may be an accident, there may be trouble with someone. In addition, sexual harassment, insulting someone, listening to someone has become a common occurrence nowadays. No one has the power to ignore all these problems.

All of these incidents add to the anxiety of the parents at home. Current technology and the internet have helped a lot to cure some of these. You must have a smart device and those who are going out of the house must have a smartphone. App developers have created a phone tracker app for this smart device so that you can track your children when they go out of the house through phone tracker or gps cell phone tracker.

Your child may have to go out alone a lot of the time. Today’s article will discuss in detail how you can track your child from their home via android phone tracker. In other words, some of the best applications are discussed below.

The importance of online security

Children can be better protected by their parents. However, in all cases, many parents can not go out with their children. In such a situation, their parents can not go out all the time. It is normal for every child to worry about their parents. If you have a smart device, you can be a little less worried about going out alone. Because with that advanced device you can know the exact location of your child. For this, you can use a children tracker or kid tracker appr application.

Some applications of online tracking

On the Internet, you can search for phone locator applications called gps location tracker, location tracker, android tracking app, etc. Many of these applications are fake for which you can not find the right application. Today this article will discuss some free phone tracker app that will help protect your kids.

1. Xplora 2

The device is highly advanced because it is a very small watch. Nowadays you can wear this advanced tracking device along with the style of the kids. You can dare to leave a child alone in your area with this device. Or suppose you take your child to a crowded area or to a park where you can safely leave your child. Because the watch in his hand works as a gps phone tracker.

2. KidsGuard Pro

It is normal for every parent to worry about their children. The app helps a lot to see which browser your child is using on the phone and what they are searching for. Even if your child does not have a cellphone when he goes out of the house, it is possible to track him via GPS. In a word, you can install it as gps cell phone tracker. You will be using many applications to locate android phone. But KidsGuard Pro is one of the best tracking app for kids. It works both online and offline.

3. Famisafe Location Tracker App

Famisafe Location Tracker App is in the first place in the list of the best app for phone tracking. This application is designed for use on android and iOS devices. The app is available in the GooglePlay Store for Android devices. You can download it from Google Play. If you or your child has an iOS device, you can get the app in the AppStore. Search the App Store to download the app.

Many websites talk differently about android phone tracker. How real they are is often unknown. This application is very useful for android location tracking. Because it works both online and offline. With this application, you can track your child’s exact location and browsing history phone calls. You can use it for free. You can also use it by registering monthly and annually.

You will see some additional benefits when you register it. According to the rules of registration, you can run this application on 5 devices simultaneously for 10 US dollars per month. You can connect up to 10 devices quarterly for just 20 USD. All in all, you can use this app on up to 30 devices simultaneously for us 60 USD per year.


It is normal for parents to worry about their children. You can find out the location of the children by using the software discussed above. Hopefully, the above-mentioned applications will come in handy for you.

Story by Shan Butt

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