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Social media’s positive impact on our communities

These are websites and applications that enable users to create user profiles and share content including pictures, stories, videos, and documents. Social media is categorized into two, namely networking sites and sharing sites, this is according to their main purposes.  Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter are amongst the networking type of social media that online casinos use. These connect you with the world. Then there is Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat and Google Plus, these are sharing sites.

When we talk about social media we will mainly focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Whatsapp. These platforms have managed to have a great influence on our business and social communities. Social media is defined as the interactive internet tool based application that connects users.  There are substantial and pervasive changes to communication between businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals.

Social media sites are now a news hub for everything, you can catch up with the latest fashion, gaming, movie, music, political and economic trends in an instant.  Statistically, social media sites are the most visited sites. The majority of people spend a lot of time on their favourite social networks.

However, users should always be aware of cyber attacks and should ensure security for their personal information. This does not only apply to real money gaming, security is a major concern everywhere. You can click play online pokies at for more information about online casino safety. People share thoughts and personal feelings but sharing too much information isn’t always good.

Everyone can see whatever you post when you don’t select privacy options. However, some privacy options can be bypassed by hackers so it is not always safe. Sharing personal information can be dangerous for you. It better to give your personal contact details to someone you trust in their inboxes than to put everything on your wall. Some crazy people that you don’t even know will start buzzing your phone or visiting your house.  Additionally, sharing all the details about the vacation you planning is not advisable. Imagine posting your exact date for your vacation, just think how many thieves you’re inviting to come and rob your house. Remember not everyone on your social networks is good; some people are up for no good.

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