Social media revolutionizing our world

computerSocial media is loosely defined as a group of new kinds of online media. Social media allows participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness. This is through its structure which is based on networks. Such networks enhance the ability of social media sites to bring people with similar interests together. Even online gamblers from the best casino sites are brought together by social media sites.


Social media facilitates feedback and contribution from everyone who is interested in a topic. It connects the audience from different parts of the world allowing them to participate in the conversation. This is a great tool for measuring the way an event has affected society.


Social media sites usually do not restrict individuals from becoming members. This eliminates media censorship. The openness improves the quality of participation and feedback. It enables and encourages the sharing of information; comments and voting. There are not many barriers when one wants to make use of social media.


Compared to traditional media which are about broadcasting (content distributed or transmitted to an audience), social media facilitates a two-way conversation. This is the reason social media has the ability to create communities. Social media enhances the communities’ ability to communicate effectively and to retrieve information quickly.


Most kinds of social media thrive on their connectedness. They make use of links to other people, resources and sites such as online pokie slots sites. Connectedness is the heart of social media since social media is based creating networks.

Social Media Advantages

Social sites allow people to create individual web pages which enable them to connect with friends to share content or to communicate. The sites allow businesses to reach a large number of people in a more fashionable way without paying too much in advertising fees. The use of business networking, social and blog sites will definitely increase your website traffic from the other social media websites. The increase in traffic will definitely increase your Page Rank resulting in increased number of potential customers finding your site.


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