Snow sled: How it can make your winter better

Snow sled
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If the snow and ice have got you dreaming of warmer weather, we understand. That’s why we’re huge fans of anything that can make the long winter months more enjoyable. After all, if you’re not having fun, it’s just not worth it. Introducing the snow sled; the most fun you’ll have on the snow this winter. This isn’t your typical snow sled. Completely inflatable, this winter snow float is just as fun and enjoyable as its pool float cousins. No water? No problem. You can still enjoy the fun a giant party float brings all year long with the snow sled. But just how can the snow sled make your winter better? Glad you asked. Here are four reasons the snow sled will give you a winter you’ll never forget.

  • It’s just plain fun. Sure you love winter sports. But there’s only so much skiing, snowboarding, or tubing you can do. At some point, you just want to relax and do something that doesn’t require a lot of skill. We’ve got you. Think of the snow sled as the activity snowboarders do when they’re not snowboarding. Harkening back to your childhood days of sliding down a snowy slope on whatever slick-surfaced item you could find, the snow sled gives you the same thrill with way more class. This isn’t your average float; it’s designed to withstand up to two riders and last all season on the coldest of snow and ice slick surfaces. Just make sure you remember to take turns.
  • It’s great for pictures. Let’s face it; half the fun of winter activities is taking pictures and reliving the moments from which they were produced. Nothing photographs better than you and your friends sledding down the snowy slopes on a gorgeous, inflatable snow sled. The snow sled offers everyone a chance to really feel like a kid again, and that kind of joy translates into social media gold. Your winter vacay pictures will reflect how epic the season was with the inclusion of the snow sled that brought everyone so many laughs.
  • It’s precision oriented. Though this is somewhat of a grown up toy, its specs are anything but juvenile. Not only can the snow sled hold up to 250 pounds, it’s reinforced rubber base features traction in the form of directional grooves to make sure the snow sled only goes where it is supposed to. That means even though you’re just having fun, you can at least take the snow sled competition a little seriously. The snow sled features sturdy dual handles for easy maneuvering and a hand tow rope so you can drag it back up to the top of the hill for another run. With features like these, the snow sled really is more than just child’s play.
  • It’s great for non-ski days. We know the feeling all too well. You’re on your ski vacation and conditions prevent you from actually skiing. Be it one day or the entire trip, you’ve still got to have a great time. You know the line for the tubes will be packed, so what better way to still get outdoors and enjoy the snow than the snow sled. It’s like having your own private tubing session right outside your door; no lift pass required.

We love the snow sled for so many reasons, but the main reason is that it really can make your winter better. If you’re battling the winter blues or just looking for a creative, fun way to enjoy the winter weather, the snow sled is right for you. Nothing compares to riding down a snowy slope in a float with your friends. Spend enough time on the snow sled and winter might just become your favorite season.

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