Snapshot of the Augusta County Library

Edited by Chris Graham

Libraries all over Virginia will hold a “Snapshot Day” between April 19 and April 30 to collect information and photos that illustrate the impact that Virginia libraries make in their communities on a typical day.

Snapshot Day at the Augusta County Library in Fishersville is Thursday, April 22.

Snapshot Day is a Virginia Library Association and Library of Virginia project, based on similar projects of the same name that began in New Jersey and have been held all over the country. The goal of Snapshot Day is to encourage Virginia libraries to collect and report basic data on a given day between April 19-30 such as how many people visited the library, used computers, attended programs, et cetera, and to show images of people using the library and its resources.

Virginia’s libraries are busier than ever these days, with people coming in to check out books, as well as to use computers, look for jobs, and attend the many programs our libraries offer. All across the state, libraries are the cornerstones of their communities, places where people come together to visit, learn and share ideas.

There will be a chance for Augusta County Library customers to comment on what their library means to them, and pictures from libraries all over the state will be available on the Snapshot Flickr page.

Visit the Snapshot website, to find out more about this project.

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