Smart Cville announces election of new directors

economic-forecast-headerSmart Cville, a Charlottesville-based 501(c)3 civic technology organization, announced the addition of three new members to its Board of Directors. The Board provides leadership to promote the organization’s goal of using technology to solve public problems.

The new Directors are Kristel Riddervold (City of Charlottesville), Justin Beck (IO Education), and Bryan Betts (County of Albemarle). “I’m humbled by the Board class we’ll welcome this year. We specifically targeted innovative and action-oriented professionals who will help us think strategically about our organization. I am thrilled to begin collaborating with them,” said Smart Cville Founder Lucas Ames.

Kristel Riddervold has been the Environmental Sustainability Manager for the City of Charlottesville since 2002. Kristel leads a program dedicated to compliance, education, pollution prevention, and stewardship and that develops local sustainability programs focused on climate protection and water resources protection. These efforts involve both City-specific programs and operations as well as community-based initiatives. After obtaining double degrees from the University of Virginia, Kristel worked in the private sector as an environmental consultant for several years. An Albemarle County resident for over 20 years, she blends urban/rural living experiences in raising family, living life, and exploring opportunities.

Justin Beck is a British ex-pat who is VP of Engineering at IO Education, an education technology firm. Justin is responsible for most of IO Education’s technology infrastructure, its mobile projects and for selecting and/or implementing its engineering tools, processes and procedures. He has been involved in technology for the better part of 15 years. One of the things he’s enjoyed along the way is consuming data made available through APIs and putting that data together in interesting ways to provide added value. Justin calls Crozet his home and identifies (in no particular order) as a husband, a father, a cyclist, a humble technologist and an employee advocate.

Bryan Betts is an innovator, a biochemist, and a technology architect with expertise in US and European public administration. Bryan is currently the Manager of Applications Software with the County of Albemarle. Over the last twenty years, Bryan has influenced public policy and aligned IT service methodology to support government transparency and citizen engagement. Bryan is committed to using technology as a vehicle to inspire community trust and participation. A graduate of the University of Virginia, and a resident of Albemarle County, Bryan is an avid photographer, swimmer, and autism advocate.

In addition to these additions, Seth Ragosta (Lenhart Pettit) was appointed Vice Chairman, Jim Duncan (Nest Realty) Secretary, and Angela Orebaugh (University of Virginia) Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

Current list of directors

  • Lucas Ames, Chairman
  • Seth Ragosta, Vice Chairman
  • Jim Duncan, Secretary
  • Angela Orebaugh, Treasurer
  • Bryan Betts, Director
  • Kristel Riddervold, Director
  • Justin Beck, Director

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