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Sixth District: Goodlatte mailer claims support in err

Story by Chris Graham

The Bob Goodlatte campaign contacted Rockingham County Democrat Mike Breeden asking Breeden’s permission to use his name on a campaign mailer as a supporter.

Breeden didn’t return the phone call, but his name ended up in the mailer anyway, at the top of a list of eight Democrats and eight independents that the campaign claims is backing the Republican incumbent.

“I did not endorse Bob Goodlatte. I did not return a call to Bob Goodlatte in which he asked me for permission to use my name as a Democrat supporting him in the Shenandoah Valley. I support the Democratic Party and Sam Rasoul for Congress,” said Breeden, a Democrat and a member of the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors.

Rasoul campaign spokesperson Sean Sarah said Sixth District voters should “expect our leaders to build real bipartisan coalitions to get things done both here and in Washington.”

“Creating a sense of false cooperation as a political tactic is exactly what Mr. Rasoul has been fighting against these last 22 months,” Sarah said. “Congressman Goodlatte didn’t tell us the truth on term limits, and he’s not telling the truth in his campaign literature. After 16 years, we expected more from Congressman Goodlatte,” Sarah said.

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