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Six rules of hair care during summer

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Looking after your hair is important all year round, but especially so in the summer. Your hair is damaged by UV rays and heat from the sun, which can lead to it discoloring, becoming brittle and even making it begin to thin and lose volume.

Wash it regularly

Without washing your hair at the correct amount of regularity, you won’t have the foundations on which to build the rest of your hair care routine. On average, every other day or every two to three days is the general frequency that you should wash your hair. As a general rule, wash your hair if it becomes oily, your scalp becomes itchy or you begin to notice flakes in it.

Condition correctly

Conditioner should not be used on the roots as that is where shampoo does its cleansing work on the dirtiest parts of your hair. Condition the ends and mid-lengths, the drier areas of your hair. Conditioning properly will make it smoother and stronger, but only when applied properly.

Trim your hair frequently

If you don’t want a visit to the hairdresser’s every other week, trimming the very ends of your hair could be the next best option. This removes split and swollen ends, getting rid of the heat damaged parts of your hair. Your hair should tangle and get knotted less often, and the removing of dead ends will promote healthy growth. If you do it regularly, you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping the correct shape, either. Take your time and invest in some proper scissors to do the job right.

Protect it from the sun

Moisturizing your hair with masks or oils will help after exposure to the sun, but it is more effective to simply protect your hair from the sun to begin with. There are sunblock products for your hair, deflecting UV light away. High quality products will be waterproof and reduce frizz, as well as providing the all-important protection. If you aren’t wearing a hat or other hair protection, seek out shade as much as possible.

Brush or comb carefully

Brushing your hair when wet can lead to much more breakage than when addressing dry hair. In fact, it is advised by certain experts to brush your hair as minimally as possible. If your hair is in need of restoration due to over-zealous brushing or otherwise, seek out professional help such as from those at Being gentle, as with most aspects of your health care, is a good general rule with hair care.

Become a regular with your hairdresser

Finally, a method of looking after your hair that might have passed you by is to become a regular with your hairdresser. They will be able to advise you about your hair and recommend products, as well as cut and care for your hair differently depending on the season. If summer hair care is a concern to you, it makes perfect sense to go to those who deal with hair professionally on a daily basis.

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