Sierra Club Virginia Chapter Director Kate Addleson on McAuliffe energy plan

sierra club virginiaSierra Club Virginia Chapter Director Kate Addleson on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s updated Virginia Energy Plan.

Virginia’s progress on solar shows that that is where the momentum is – renewable energy is what the public wants and where we should be headed.

Governor McAuliffe’s commitment to clean energy is laudable but his vision for a “New Virginia Economy” is hampered by a heavy emphasis on fracked gas. You cannot both reduce carbon pollution and continue to increase the use of gas.

An “all of the above” approach to energy policy is incompatible with responsible action on climate change. If Virginia is going to be a leader on sustainable power generation, the state’s plan should be in lock step with the Paris Climate Agreement, which will go into full effect in two weeks.

Governor McAuliffe must set a state emissions reduction goal to fully realize a “New Virginia Economy.” With a firm limit on carbon pollution from power plants, Virginians would see the benefits of further growth in renewable energy, reduced energy costs and a healthier environment. A 40% reduction (from 2012 levels) by 2030 is achievable and would produce the best results for consumers.

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