Sierra Club: Gov. Northam’s electric vehicle initiative ‘a wise investment’

electric vehicleToday, Gov. Northam announced a partnership with EVgo Services to develop a statewide public electric vehicle charging network utilizing funds from the Volkswagen settlement.

In response, Kate Addleson, Director of the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter, released the following statement.

“Utilizing every penny available from the portion of the Volkswagen settlement allotted specifically for electric vehicle infrastructure will help to build a strong foundation for our commonwealth’s clean energy economy. A statewide system of accessible electric vehicle charging stations makes the switch to electric cars, vans and buses more accessible to Virginians and their localities.

“This is a wise investment and we encourage the governor and the Department of Environmental Quality to prioritize further funding from the Volkswagen settlement for electrifying government-operated vehicles such as public transit, school buses and maintenance trucks.

“The transportation sector is now the fastest growing source of carbon pollution. Electrifying our vehicles and powering them with clean renewable energy is an essential step toward addressing the climate crisis.”