Showtime documentary series to show the real face of sports betting

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Few things are more controversial than gambling.

While the notion of throwing money at something that may or may not give that money back seems reckless to many, others consider this a pastime, and more often than not, an ultimate hobby. But here’s where the moral dilemma comes into play: where is the line between occasional recreation and addiction?

One of the gambling branches where the moral dilemma is more pronounced is the realm of sports betting.

One might think that, compared to casino gambling, sports betting is less harmful; but in fact, more people are concerned about the consequences of betting money on sports events than occasional casino visits. Sports betting typically involves more time, more money (in the long run) and higher level of addiction, precisely because people consider it a hobby, completely overlooking the addiction aspect.

Is That Really the Case?

There are two sides of sports betting – legal and illegal. The new reforms of the U.S. Constitution which now allow each state the autonomy over gambling legislation are inviting even more debates over the benefits and misgivings of such activities.

In the focus of all this stands sports betting as one of the main sources of income in the entire gambling industry. The illegal side is more obscure to the public, so this is precisely the epicentre of the moral debates that influence the public opinion and fuel stereotypes regarding betting.

The Ground-breaking Series

The new series which Showtime is scheduled to air under the name Action seeks to destroy the stereotypes and to show, as objectively as it can, the real truth of the underground betting scene.

The documentary is split into four parts, each following the lives of professional bookmakers, odd makers and gamblers during the 2018 NFL season right after the U.S. Supreme Court brought the decision to lift the ban on sports betting.

Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, is just one of the popular celebrities we will have a chance to see in this documentary. Next to him, Cousin Sal and Brent Musburger will appear as well.

The aim of the documentary is to reveal the less known bits and pieces of the grand mechanism called sports betting. These insights will, in turn, help turn around the generally mistrustful opinion about gambling, or at least start paving the path for a somewhat better attitude towards it.

It’s easy to get lost in the intangible threads of stereotypical reasoning. In most cases, reasons for mistrust stem from lack of information; but more harm can come from never-lacking misinformation.

The Gambling Enterprise

While legalizing casinos and sportsbooks brings several benefits for the economy, what raises concerns in the country is people. Statistical data tells us that billions of USD circle back and forth in the US economy per year, all coming from the bulking casino industry.

The exact numbers are hard to estimate, as most routes of that income are not disclosed. Now, this is one of the reasons why legalizing online gambling is beneficial.

Formulating a regulatory framework helps having control over the real numbers and real information. Once regulation is installed, regulatory authority bodies serve to aid and promote responsible gaming, taking care of the responsibility and security of the players as one of the cornerstones of this industry.

Raising awareness is also the important aspect as people are given a better chance of finding a better footing in the industry of online gaming. Helpful insights into the casino industry are already provided by a number of player oriented gambling websites such as Casino Bloke for instance, striving to create a healthy environment where players can enjoy their recreational activities without risking addiction or any similar problems. Similar venues related to sports betting online are also easy to come by.

Final thoughts

The shift in public opinion starts with raising awareness and helping people better understand the whole concept of legalized gambling.

The stigma that follows the concept is not something that can be easily overlooked; however, documentaries like this one are only the first step towards the elimination of it. Watching experts from various field talk about the phenomenon will positively affect understanding of the bigger picture, as sports betting is gradually appearing in markets across the USA.

Right now, it is present in several states including Delaware, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Mississippi.

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