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Should you really bet at home?

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Depending on who you ask you can hear all sorts of things. For some, the idea that you can bet at home without ever leaving the confines of your domicile is the best thing since sliced bread. For others, it is akin to solo drinking and something you should only do with friends.

As always, there are both benefits and drawbacks when betting over the internet. Generally, this type of betting is quite comfortable and easy. But, if some of the drawbacks would be deal breakers for you there is nothing wrong with going to your local betting house.

There are three major benefits to online betting:

  1. Easy and accessible
  2. Safe and regulated
  3. Better access to information

Regretfully, these benefits depend if you can select a reputable and safe gaming provider. While licensed companies are highly regulated and use the best practices, you may find websites online that only look like betting websites but are actually a scam.

Unless you trust your betting operator, you shouldn’t gamble on their website in any way.

Current situation will change

It is very easy to frame the advantages of betting from home from the position of 2020 lockdowns and the pandemic. But, hopefully, this situation will change and soon.

At some point the bars and betting houses will start working again and we will be able to go anywhere as we please. And we should question: would it be better to bet at home once you can go outside?

For many, the answer is still positive.

Unless you are betting on the single game that you will watch live at the stadium, betting online is significantly cheaper, more accessible, and offers more options than any other system. The only thing it doesn’t give is the live hype when you are watching something in person.

Benefits of betting at home

There are a number of small perks when you are betting from the comfort of your home in comparison to going outside. For those who like being creative, you can organize a whole party around watching the game at home with your friends.

But, there are three big benefits that will apply to everyone. How important they are to you will depend, but you will always experience them in some way.

Additionally, there are both domestic and foreign websites that will bring you even more advantages when you bet at home if you use their affiliate links.

No (human) viruses

This has shown to be a big issue, but even once the major threats pass there will be those who will need to stay out of crowded areas. For those, betting online is the only safe option.

You will still need to use anti-virus for your device, but you won’t be at any risk of catching something at the betting house or bar.

And, to be honest, it is significantly cheaper to fix your computer than to get stuck in a hospital.

More information

Major betting platforms have a superior user interface to anything you can find in a brick and mortar establishment. By using tooltips and menus you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the sports teams you are betting on.

Also, such information will be visually presented and you won’t need to ask anyone specifically about some data.

Lower cost

Betting online is cheaper. Because of significantly lower overhead costs, online betting and gambling platforms can offer better quotes and more options.

Also, there is the money you save on time and commuting to the betting house. With your smartphone, you can bet from anywhere and it only takes a couple of seconds to make a bet.

Downsides when you bet at home

There is one personal and one objective downside when you want to bet at home.

Individually, there is significantly less hype. As you won’t have your fellow bettors around you there will be no focus on a game and prolonged debates about chances and expertise.

For some, this might sound like a benefit, but there are those that enjoy the banter and camaraderie. Betting is meant to be entertainment, and such conversations may add flavor to your experience.

Finally, online betting doesn’t have a physical address. This comes into play if you have a complaint. If there is an issue you will need to send a ticket and wait until someone answers your request.

If you have chosen a good operator this will be a simple question of staffing and you will always be able to find a solution if you feel you have been wronged. But, if you have clicked on a doggy website through social media you might be in for a rough ride.

Always look for a license and for the physical location of the company headquarters, as those will be the signs that you are playing at the right place.

Story by Phil Vamius

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