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Should you give Delta 8 gummies a try?

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More people are making the switch to Delta 8 gummies. They found out that Delta 8 gummies can help them wind down after a long stressful day. This is great news for people with demanding jobs and an active family.

Why are Delta 8 gummies gaining more popularity?

If you’re not familiar with delta 8 THC, it’s a cannabinoid extracted from hemp. This legal substance causes a high, but it does not have the same intensity that can be found in delta 9 THC.

The delta 9 THC is common in marijuana strains, and it’s notorious for causing negative symptoms in some people. This is one of the primary reasons why it’s not supported by many hemp experts.

The delta 8 gummy is being marketed as a safer alternative for hemp enthusiasts. Intensive studies show it will not compromise your health if it’s consumed responsibly.

It’s extremely hard for anyone to turn down a CBD product that can put you in a relaxed state without harming you. It’s fair to stay this is why delta 9 gummies have become popular.

What type of experience will you have after consuming a Delta 8 gummy?

Contrary to popular belief, you will not see spaceships after consuming a delta 8 gummy. In general, it will take several hours for the effect to kick in.

Depending on the extract in the gummy, some delta 8 gummies require the cannabinoids inside them to travel through the liver before they’re absorbed. This is probably why it takes hours for the edible to kick in. You may need to look for another CBD product if you’re interested in getting fast results.

Are Delta 8 gummies safe?

This is a fair question. Yes, it’s safe to consume delta 8 gummies. However, we advise you to be careful.

What’s the biggest risk of consuming delta 8 gummies? You may consume too many. Some are under the impression that it’s okay to consume several in one sitting.

Taking too much can cause major mental challenges. We’ve read reports of people taking too many delta 8 gummies. They were admitted to the hospital.

Delta 8 gummies may look like candy, but they contain strong compounds that should not be taken lightly. Taking too much may not put you in physical danger, but your mental state will be affected.

You should start low and go extremely slow. Please remember that several hours will pass before you begin feeling the effect.

Please follow the supplier’s directions carefully. This is the easiest way to avoid any serious problems.

Are Delta 8 gummies legal?

According to federal law, you can purchase delta 8 gummies legally. However, it’s vital for you to check the laws in your state.

We’re not trying to share legal advice, but you should be fine if you follow the laws governing your state.

How can you purchase Delta 8 gummies?

We advise you to resist the temptation of buying delta 8 gummies at local gas stations and other shady locations.

You must be extremely careful while shopping for delta 8 gummies. Unfortunately, the market is filled with many scammers selling poor CBD products. Some low quality CBD products contain harmful chemicals.

Focus on dealing with reputable sources. Popular brands offer high quality CBD products. They’re also transparent about their sourcing procedure, manufacturing process, and third-party lab results.

It’s extremely important for you to study the third-party lab results.

An authentic third-party lab result will reveal the following:

  • The testing date (the testing date should be recent)
  • The purity of the product
  • The strength of the product
  • The product is free of heavy metals, mold, and pesticides

You due diligence will help you find a reliable supplier. When you’re dealing with a responsible merchant, you will get a premium CBD product that will surpass your expectations.

Let’s take a quick look at the best delta 8 gummy products in the market.

1. 3Chi Delta 8 THC gummies

3Chi has a solid reputation for offering the finest and purest hemp products in the market. Some believe 3Chi revolutionized the THC and CBD industry.

Their lab results are produced by North Coast Analytical Labs. When you have a well known testing lab in the mix, you can rely on the lab results.

The gummies produced by 3Chi come in a watermelon and black raspberry flavor.


  • You have several shipping options
  • The price will not break your piggy bank
  • The two natural flavors are delicious

In our opinion, you’ll be satisfied with the quality in these delta 8 gummies.

2. Chill Plus Delta 8 Squares gummies

With this brand, you can look forward to getting a pack of ten fine delta 8 gummies.

The pack contains the following flavors: blue razz, mystery flavor, mango, and strawberry.

It may take up to three hours for you to feel the effects, but it’s worth it.


  • They will help you relax and focus
  • They come in four delicious flavors
  • They’re great at helping you sleep through the night
  • Each gummy is packed with 20mg of delta THC

The Chill Plus gummy is a great choice if you’re searching for a variety of flavors.

3. Moonwlkr D-8 gummies

Looking at this brand’s name will give you the impression that you’ll be able to travel through space after consuming these THC gummies.

You will not be able to visit the moon, but these gummies will send you into a state of deep relaxation.


  • Four flavors are at your disposal
  • These gummies are vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Multipacks are available

There’s nothing wrong with choosing these delta 8 gummies. They’re filled with quality ingredients.

Final summary

Delta 8 gummies are ideal for hemp enthusiasts intrigued with the idea of trying something different. They resemble candy, but they’re not designed to satisfy your craving for sweets.

The three brands listed above have thousands of satisfied customers. Which brand is the best? It really depends on your taste buds and expectations.

Please consume delta 8 gummies wisely. Following this simple advice will help you enjoy this great product without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Story by Rowan Langlery

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