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Shooting range tips for beginners

There are 1,029,615 defensive gun users per year in the U.S. who use their guns to protect themselves, their property, or work, according to Forbes. Learning to handle a firearm is a move that can keep you safe, and the best place to learn to use one is at a shooting range.

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Heading to a gun range for the first time can be quite confusing and intimidating. Whether you want to protect yourself, to target practice before heading to a hunting trip, to learn the basics of shooting, or to seek the thrill of hitting a target, there is a lot you need to know before walking through the doors of a firing range. Here are some essential tips.

Choose the Right Facility

Finding the appropriate shooting range is not always easy. Some ranges are designed to accommodate only professional shooters, military and law enforcement personnel. Starting at such a place may make you feel uncomfortable and out of place, which may hinder your learning.

Instead, look for a place that accommodates your specific needs and budget. You can do this by making personal visits and asking around. Eventually, go for a range that has shooting classes for beginners, professional trainers who are accessible, and modern facilities. If you want a place that will help you develop from a newbie to a professional shooter, you can check out Bellevue Gun Club.

Safety Procedures

Guns are lethal weapons, and they need to be handled with extreme caution. There are many gun range safety rules that you need to familiarize yourself with, and each shooting range has its own rules and policy. Educating yourself on the rules is one of the best ways to stay clear of danger. One of the basic rules is that the muzzle of your gun should always be pointed in a safe direction and away from people.

Other life-saving principles you should learn include keeping your hands off the trigger even when the safety is on until you are ready to fire, treating every gun like it’s loaded, and knowing what your target is and what lies behind it. Even better, you can bring along an experienced friend on your first day to guide you through the fundamentals and protocols.

Gear and Attire

The gear you use has a significant impact on your safety, focus, and shooting experience. Always bring earmuffs or earplugs to protect your ears and shooting glasses for your eyes. Other important things to bring along include tactical gloves, targets, and a range bag. It’s important to know that the hot cases discharged by guns can cause burns or injuries. As for shooting range etiquette, you shouldn’t wear open-toed shoes, v-necks, tank tops, or short shorts.

Start with Lower Caliber Handgun

As a beginner, choosing a gun before knowing its caliber is a recipe for disaster. When you are new to firing, it’s best you start with lower caliber firearms before transitioning to other guns. Low caliber weapons have a minimal kick or recoil when you shoot. This makes them more comfortable and stable to use. Once you familiarize yourself with the handling, you can gradually increase the caliber size.

Bottom Line

Joining a shooting range to learn how to handle firearms has tremendous benefits. It’s a place where you can enhance your skills, get a new hobby, or learn to protect yourself. To get the best out of the facility, you need to educate yourself first on firing range practices. With the guide above, you are set to have a safe and fulfilling time.

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