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Staunton Tree Legacy Project: Shenandoah Green has goal to plant a tree for every K-12 student in city

Staunton Tree Legacy Project
Volunteers with the Staunton Tree Legacy Project plant trees in the fall of 2020. Photo courtesy Shenandoah Green.

Do you have room in your yard or on your business property for a tree? The Staunton Legacy Tree Project needs you!

Started a year ago, the project’s goal is to plant one tree for every Staunton City School child — 2,746 trees altogether.

Shenandoah Green started planting in the fall of 2020, putting more than 800 trees in the ground at Staunton parks, schools, and homes.

With the help of grants, business donations, and individual donations through its Tree Musketeer program, Shenandoah Green has at least 600 more to plant this month.

Species include lots of native seedlings, like American Hornbeam, Fringe Tree, Yellowwood, Tulip Poplar, Swamp White Oak, and more. And you can have trees planted at your home or business free of charge.

Residents and businesses in the 24401-zip code can request trees through Shenandoah Green, a local environmental group that is coordinating the project. The group has volunteers that can plant trees for you.

“We want to leave a legacy for our children of a cleaner, greener planet. Trees benefit the community in so many ways. They help remove air pollution. They provide homes for wildlife. And they improve the quality of our living spaces with shade and beauty, providing energy savings and relieving mental stress,” said Georgi Tomisato, president of Shenandoah Green.

In addition to needing homes for trees, the Project needs volunteers for its Tree Stewardship program. The newly planted trees will need tending as the weather warms, such as watering, mulching, and checking for damage.

To sign up for a tree or to volunteer to be a Tree Steward, visit the Shenandoah Green website,, and click on the Tree Project volunteer button.

Or contact Shenandoah Green by email  or by calling (540) 887-1235

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