Shenandoah County: Repairs coming to Woodstock Tower Road

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VDOT will make repairs to Route 758 (Woodstock Tower Road) in Shenandoah County. Work is anticipated to start in mid-October.

A portion of the road has been closed since last winter due to slope failure.

Route 758 is a winding, unpaved road that crosses Massanutten Mountain between Fort Valley and the town of Woodstock. The road travels through the George Washington National Forest.

Repairs valued at $350,000 will be done by GeoStabilization International LLC (GSI) of Denver, Colorado.

Work will begin on Route 758 on Massanutten Mountain by stabilizing the slope with a foam-grout product. Once the grout solidifies, soil nails will be placed into the mountainside to anchor the rock and soil. A soil nail launcher will drill holes at a 20-degree angle into the mountain slope beneath the road and insert 20-foot steel rods into the ground. The rods are covered with a mesh wire net and anchored with bolts. The entire surface is then covered with a concrete material using shotcrete, which will seal the rock and soil.

Over 100 soil nails are anticipated to be used.

Once the slope stabilization work is complete, a gravel road surface will be applied. The entire project involves about 90 feet of the mountain slope area, which includes approximately 20 feet of road surface.

Weather permitting work may be complete in November.

Access to the closed portion of Route 758 is blocked by a gate. The gate will remain closed to the traveling public until all repairs are complete. The public can continue to access the George Washington National Forest Woodstock Tower Observation site and Woodstock Hang Gliding site from the east side of Massanutten Mountain off of Route 678 (Fort Valley Road) in Shenandoah County.

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