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ShenanArts vows to ‘survive’ COVID-19

ShenanArtsThe message from ShenanArts board chair Michael E. Conner: “We will survive this mess!”

Conner noted the COVID-19 shutdown’s impacts on operations at the local theater nonprofit in an email to supporters on Saturday.

“I came into the theatre today for the first time in week, which is strange in itself. It was quite and dark, none of which is what ShenanArts should be,” Conner said.

The schedule of shows for 2020 – including The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Always Patsy Cline, Hank Williams: Lost Highway, Listening for Grace and Angels in America: Perestroika, is obviously off until further notice.

“We  wish we could give you a date that we will be up and running, but we can’t,” Conner said. “We so look forward to sharing with you the excitement that will be at an all-time high because of getting back to the stage that we all love. So, we are not going to pretend we know and give an arbitrary date.”

As with other groups and businesses, of course, expenses continue in the face of the shuttering.

Conner said ShenanArts has regular monthly expenses of $5,000.

“We look toward our supportive theater community to help us bridge this gap until we can hit the road running again,” Conner said.

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Story by Chris Graham