shawn daivari dont call me hero

Shawn Daivari: Don’t call me hero

You might have heard the story of how bad-guy wrestler Shawn Daivari confronted a drunk, disorderly passenger on a train in Minneapolis and put him down with a sleeperhold.

Just don’t call him hero.

“It’s nothing where anyone else would have done anything differently. It happened, somebody recognized me from television, and so it became a bigger deal than it really was,” said Daivari, who is part of the tag-team main event at New Year’s Chaos, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013, at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Va.

Daivari is scheduled to team with Mohamad Ali Vaez against the babyface team of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Michael Hayes at Chaos, in a role that fans are familiar with for Daivari, who has been a heel in WWE and TNA.

He still plays the heel on the indy circuit, though he also gets more pats on the back than he’s used to from fans familiar with the story of what he did to subdue the unruly passenger back in September.

“Because of the characters that I’ve played on television, it’s not been the fans’ job to tell me, Hey, good job. All the villains that I’ve played and different characters I’ve been in WWE and TNA didn’t give me the opportunity to hear that,” Daivari said.

“It’s kind of been nice to see that regardless of what you’re doing on the show versus what you do in real life, the fans appreciate both of them and respect you and can say, Good job, when you have this opportunity to do something to help somebody out,” Daivari said.

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