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This unprecedented time in history has come with a lot of hardships. Economies are in recession, hospitals are overloaded, and loved ones are isolated. However, amidst this troubling time, there has been one silver lining: finding a better balance.

“For many of us, pre-pandemic, our lives were caught in an endless hamster wheel,” shares Sharon Dorram. Dorram is a hair colorist and the owner of Sharon Dorram Color At Sally Hershberger. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Prior to COVID-19, Dorram spent a larger chunk of her time working. However, as the pandemic has carried on, she has found a new appreciation for slowing down. “We’ve come to find a better balance, perhaps even out of our control, but it is a welcomed change. I love the busy days, but I love even more the way we are working now. It is much more intimate, much more couture.” Many others are viewing work-life balance in a new light, where it’s not just a goal but a reality, one that is necessary to reach. Sharon Dorram, owner of Sharon Dorram Color At Sally Hershberger, provides her insight into how professionals across all industries are finding a better balance in life.

Intentionally Disconnecting

COVID-19 has completely changed how we work, with many being forced to work from home for the indefinite future. While initially studies have shown that this may have resulted in longer workdays and more virtual meetings, over time, it has led many professionals to set strict boundaries. The longer that people expect the pandemic to go on, the more they are realizing that something needs to change, and that something is work-life balance.

Intentionally disconnecting is one way that many professionals are improving their personal lives during the pandemic, shares Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color At Sally Hershberger. For example, some people were finding that it was difficult to stop working at the end of the day, since their work phone and computer were in their home. However, now there has been a trend away from that, where people are making a conscious choice to shut their laptops at the same time each day. In addition, some are even opting to put devices on airplane mode during non-work hours to prevent them from constantly checking them.

Overall, prioritization is key and COVID-19 has put a lot of peoples’ priorities straight. Having dinner with your family, putting your children to bed, or walking the dog, these moments in your personal life are often what make you the happiest. Finally, professionals are learning how to find a work-life balance that allows them to experience them.

Focus on Your Physical Health

Another benefit of COVID-19 has been forcing people to take stock of their own health. For those that feel there is room for improvement, the pandemic slow down has provided them with the time to do so. After all, the body and mind go hand in hand and right now, many people are experiencing feelings of stress or anxiety, shares Sharon Dorram. One way to mitigate these feelings is by channeling your energy into your physical fitness. Exercise has been proven to improve mood, improve sleep, increase self-esteem, and reduce stress. Similarly, a healthy diet can also positively impact stress as well as energy levels. And with more time to cook than ever before, people are enjoying making more elaborate, often healthier meals for themselves and their families.

Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color At Sally Hershberger concludes by asking the question, “Will we return to our old ways, double booking and squeezing clients? I for one think not.”

Story by Jamie Cartwright

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