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Shane Lam | A revolution of thought

“All great moves of God start with a man/woman being willing to be reshaped by God for a higher purpose.”
– Bishop Tony Miller
Many of us are willingly seeking answers about how we got to this place. Some are asking the age-old question – “Is church real and meaningful in times like these?” A better question would be, “Is what we call church really living up to the promises and power that is supposed to reside in the very essence of our God that calls us to represent him in this endeavor we call church?”

Jesus gave us the simplest definition of church when he defined the church as his body here on earth. This smacks in the face of many Christians that practice church. He did not call us to play or simply practice church, he called us to be the church. The truth is the world is far too tired of people playing this thing called Christianity.

The Bible teaches us that the same power that raised Christ from the grave now lives in us. It is easy to look to Wall Street or the government and hope they pull our country and even the entire world out of this mess. The question I’m asking myself is, “Am I doing my part, or am I sticking my head in the sand hoping someone else will bring the change we need?”

Another passage states that what lives inside that all of eternity is written in our hearts. It is the God-given ingenuity, inventiveness, stubborn will and creativity that will bring true change, and we all have these qualities endowed inside of us directly from our Creator!
We need to tap into this God-given capacity to change things around us. I’m not talking about the things you cannot possibly do anything about, but there are people and situations all around us that we have the power to affect!

I leave you with this to think about from Deuteronomy 8:18, which proclaims that God has given the power to create wealth. That means you have as much wealth as you have created! Remember, wealth is not just money. Wealth breaks down like this – one, physical, two, soul (mind, will and intellect), three, spiritual (power and authority), and four, social (money and status).

No matter how we cut it, 10 percent of our life is what happens to us, and 90 percent is how we happened to it!


– Shane Lam is the pastor at Revolution Church in Waynesboro.

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