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Sexting linked to worse mental health and risky behavior

JAMA Pediatrics conducted a meta-analysis of 23 studies with over 41,000 participants. The participants in the study included kids between the age of 12 and 17. The new study found compelling evidence that sexting was linked to risky behavior and mental health issues.

The study suggests that sexting may lead to what researchers call “clustering.”

Unsafe behaviors may be clustered together, and in younger teens, it seems that sexting has more of a behavioral impact. Older teens, which are more cognitively mature, are less susceptible to the risks of sexting.

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Research shows that 25% of teens sext, but judgmental conversations have a negative side effect, according to research. Instead, researchers suggest that parents should talk to their children about sexting with ongoing, nonjudgmental conversations.

Risky behavior is also being promoted on television, with backlash against HBO’s Euphoria. The controversial series has received backlash due to rampant sex scenes and drug use. The show, which includes teens that are anxiety-prone and drug abusers, is said to be meant for adults.

Racy, even for premium cable, the show features numerous sexual encounters, full-front nudity and also a graphic overdose. The show, while “not for teens,” is all about teenagers. Zendaya’s character has went through rehab, multiple times, shows continued drug use and depression in a way that few other television shows do.

The show is pushing boundaries, with parental groups putting out a stern warning about the show’s graphic content. One group claims that the show is designed to attract teens, and this is done because the show is about teens. Sam Levinson, the creator of the US version of the show, claims that he has infused his own experience with drug abuse into the show.

The show’s attempt at depicting drug abuse and sexual encounters may bring sexting even further.

Vaping is also common in television shows, and FDA officials are now warning that one vaping manufacturer includes ingredients found in Cialis in their e-liquids. HelloCig was given 15 days to correct the issue.

Television shows that promote drug abuse, sexting and vaping are coming under heavy criticism. Linking sexting to risky behavior and worsened mental health shows the need for better sexting education. Schools are starting to teach students about mental health, FGM and sexting in the UK in the first major change in 20 years. The Education Secretary claims that “growing up and adolescence are hard enough, but the Internet and social media add new pressures that just weren’t there even one generation ago.”

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