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Sewing tools you didn’t know you needed

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It doesn’t matter if you started sewing today or 30 years ago; as a crafter, you are always learning. You might remember a trick you didn’t know from someone who has only been sewing a few weeks, and that trick may make your life incredibly easier. You will never know everything about sewing, but that is part of the journey and what makes sewing so much fun.

Rotary cutter

This tool is crucial if you want to make patchwork quilts. This tool will allow you to cut the pieces to patchwork and bind easily. The rotary cutter can even cut through several layers of fabric at one time. This will save you a lot of time.

Sewing clips

This is a must-have sewing tool no matter what project you are currently working on or planning to start. Everyone hates pricking themselves with pins, and the sewing clips provide you with an alternative to pins. You can use the clips for anything you would use a pin for. No more pricks!

Sewing iron

These tools will come in handy any time you wrinkle your fabric and need to use it. You already know sewing wrinkled fabric is impossible. It will also be handy for applying vinyl and patches. This will make pressing your seams down a breeze as long as your iron has a steam feature.

Wool ironing mat

The wool ironing mat is a great tool to keep in your sewing kit. It will allow you to easily use your sewing iron whenever you need it and apply vinyl and anything else that needs heat a breeze.


If you are like most people and constantly poking yourself when you have to hand stitch something, you should invest in a pack of ThimblePads. They apply directly to your finger so that you will not be able to prick your fingers anymore, but you also do not have to deal with trying to balance a thimble.

Seam sipper

You will want to make sure this tool is in your sewing kit unless you plan on never making any mistakes. Whenever you have an accident and need to remove stitches, this is your go-to to rip them out quickly and get back to finishing your project ASAP.

Time to improve your tools and bulk up your sewing kit

Time to grab these tools and add them to your current arsenal. You know that they will all save you a ton of time and make your next project run smoothly. Learning to adjust and use the new tools will take time, but as someone that sews, you know, you can learn to do anything with a bit of patience, practice, and time.

It’s time to go ahead and pull the trigger on these new tools so that you can get started on your next project with ease. You will master using the latest tools in no time and soon forget how you ever finished projects without them. You deserve a treat. So go ahead and fill your online cart with your favorite crafting tools, and you will be enjoying all of them before you know it.

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