Seven benefits of studying online

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Learning a new skill is easier than ever before – and this is all thanks to the wonderfully diverse and accessible world of online learning. Thinking about signing up to study online, especially in light of the current circumstances relating to spending more time social distancing indoors?

Here are seven benefits of studying online.

It’s flexible

The main pro of studying online, such as registering for ECU online courses at Edith Cowen University, is that of flexibility. You will enjoy flexibility when it comes to your schedule, and will often be afforded the luxury of working at your own pace. While there will still be deadlines in terms of assignments and tests, your regular day-to-day learning times can work into your schedule – great news if you are also working from home or have children to watch over.

A number of online universities and online course providers will hold online lectures at specific times. But, fear not. If you are unable to ‘attend’ these lectures specifically when they are set to take place, you will almost certainly be able to download and watch the recorded footage or audio at a later stage.

It’s affordable

When compared to traditional learning at a college or university, studying online often works out to be significantly cheaper in the long run. This is a relief considering the world’s current climate and economic uncertainty due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. You might feel the need to conserve every cent during these times. However, up-skilling yourself is a much better idea as it will provide you with a greater ‘edge’ over your competition should the need to search for a new job present itself.

Luckily, up-skilling by studying online won’t cost you the fortune that you might expect. A U.S. News and World Report outlined that students generally pay $282 per credit hour when studying online. This equates to paying approximately $3,400 a semester compared to $34,740 per semester when studying full time at a private college. Quite a significant difference indeed.

It comes with reliable support

It is very easy to reach out for support from lecturers and other learners when studying via the internet. This is primarily due to the fact that all communication takes place online. It is also because most reputable online universities and course providers have taken the time to create a streamlined support structure and process for their students. More often than not, answers to any questions or concerns that you may have are only an email or a Skype conversation away.

It’s readily accessible

You can study online at practically any online university regardless of where you are currently situated around the globe. This opens up a world of opportunity for you, especially if you want to ensure that you receive your education from a respected provider that will look great on your resume going forward.

Furthermore, the benefit of accessibility extends to easy access to important documents and resources that may be required throughout your online learning journey. Most online course providers will have a specialized archive dedicated to housing these documents and resources so that you can download and utilize them at your leisure. This level of accessibility can make a massive difference when it comes to saving you time and minimizing stress.

It helps to build other important skills

Along with learning all about the specific area of expertise that you have chosen to study, online learning is also certain to contribute to your personal skill set. For example, it is likely to boost your problem solving skills, your time management skills, and your self-discipline in general.

Problem solving skills are improved when you try your utmost to overcome a challenge on your own before seeking out support from a lecturer or mentor. Time management skills are optimized due to the fact that you will need to pay close attention to your schedule in order to ensure that you dedicate enough time to your studies amid all of your other responsibilities. Finally, self-discipline comes into play when you motivate yourself to stick to your duties and plans despite distraction, temptation, circumstances out of your control, or an overall lack of inspiration.

The great news is that not only will these skills help you to grow as a person, they are extremely sought-after in the working world, too. Therefore, maximizing your chances of retaining employment, or finding new work in the event that you have been retrenched or ‘let go’ from your job due to the current unstable global environment.

It’s environmentally-friendly

The environment benefits from online learning just as much as you do. This is because you will not have any need to commute to and from campus on a daily basis. That means fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

It provides you with a wider variety of specializations

The reality is that you can study practically anything online, especially if you know where to look. For example, you may wish to study further within the realm of education, or you might want to improve your skills regarding cyber security – a highly sought-after specialization in this day and age. Just be sure to do your research well ahead of time if you are determined to undertake an online course, as some online universities do not accept enrolments throughout the year. There are many that require you to register at specific times – although several are making an exception now that social distancing has become so important across the globe.

Now that you understand the numerous benefits associated with online learning, you can begin your search for a reputable online university. Be sure to have all of your relevant documents at the ready so that you can apply quickly once you find a course that piques your interest.

Along with your personal identity documents, you should also keep any transcripts, certificates, and evidence of work experience close to hand. The more of these documents you have, the better your chances of managing a successful application and getting started on your latest educational journey straight away.

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