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Separating fact from fiction: A literary salon with Charles Lewis

charles_lewisFriday, January 30, 7:00pm
Separating Fact from Fiction, Truth from Truthiness: A Literary Salon with Charles Lewis

Journalist Courteney Stuart will interview investigative journalist and bestselling author Charles Lewis about his latest book, 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity. He will discuss his nine-year odyssey attempting to chronicle the most “mortally consequential” untruths by the U.S. government and major corporations since World War II. In this ephemeral, 140-character world, where exactly is the line between journalism and history? Is there such a thing as real-time truth, or must we wait years or even decades to find out about the systemic abuses by the powers that be?

Free and open to the public. WriterHouse, 508 Dale Avenue, Charlottesville, VA (behind the Preston Avenue Bodo’s),, 434-296-1922,