Senior: Keeping in shape at the Waynesboro YMCA helps you enjoy retirement

L.G. Ferrier was 85 years old when he decided that he needed to get in shape. Now an active member of the Waynesboro YMCA, Ferrier has his sights set on getting into competitive pickleball in the coming months.

“I’m proud that I forced myself to come. And now I look forward to it. I come two or three times a week,” said Ferrier, who joined the Y after the passing of his wife of 64 years, Stella, in 2014.

“I just sat around doing nothing, and I just decided that I needed to get up and do something. I was mostly just feeling sorry for myself,” said Ferrier, who then got a letter from his insurance company mentioned something about a Silver Sneakers program at the local YMCA.

He checked it out, signed up for the program, gave it a try, then … quit.

“Then I got another letter from insurance. Why aren’t you working out?” Ferrier remembered.

That letter prompted Ferrier to go back and start again.

“I did, and I feel a lot better, emotionally and physically,” he said. “It really pays off. I’m pleased that sometimes I have to force myself to come, but I come anyway.”

Ferrier admits he’s “not into pumping iron or anything like that.” His focus is “on just keeping myself going.”

His doctors at UVA told him he was in such good health that they recommended that they remove a blockage in his carotid artery.

“I believe my working out here gave me the strength to get through the surgery quicker. I’m doing real good, I think, and they do, too,” Ferrier said.

Ferrier retired 28 years ago after putting in more than 40 years at Du Pont. Now he wishes he had started working out at the Y sooner.

“I think keeping in shape helps you enjoy retirement. I think it pays off in more ways than people realize,” Ferrier said.

– Story and video by Chris Graham


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