Senate passes bill to scrap license suspension for non-driving-related offenses

senateToday, the Senate passed Senator John Edwards’ (D-Roanoke) SB 1188 – which repeals the policy of automatically suspending a person’s driving license for a non-driving-related offense.

The bill passed on a 26-14 vote.

Said Senator Edwards, “A basic principle of law is that the punishment ought to fit the crime. Many people have to drive to go to work to support their families, and to pay their fines and costs. People whose licenses are suspended under these circumstances often have to choose between driving on a suspended license or not going to work to support their families. This currently affects 650,000 Virginians who have suspended licenses for non-payment of fines and a further 200,000 who have suspended licenses for non-driving violations.”

Said Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria), “Most Virginians cannot work to pay their fines and court costs without driving to work. Suspension of driver’s licenses in these cases just cause the issue to compound itself. That’s why we need to do away with this provision.”

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