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Senate Dems oppose education cuts

Gov. Bob McDonnell has proposed deep cuts to K-12 public education and pre-kindergarten in his 2012-2014 budget. Senate Democratic leaders are raising issue with the governor’s budget, with one calling McDonnell “the most anti-public education governor” of the last three decades.

“There is no way we should be taking money out of public education in order to give corporations tax credits for donating money to private schools or paving roads,” said Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw, citing one provision in the McDonnell budget that would provide $10 million in tax credits for corporations that donate money to private schools.

Senate Democrats are also raising issue with a proposal that would increase the amount of the state sales tax that would go to transportation, and proposals from McDonnell to cut pre-K funds by $82 million and the “cost of compete” stipend that helps jurisdictions recruit school personnel by $65 million, which will mostly be felt by Northern Virginia.

“There are not 21 votes in the Senate supporting these massive cuts in public education,” said Caucus Chair Donald McEachin. “Senate Democrats are committed to ensuring children in Virginia receive the best education possible.”

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