Sen. Warner provides resources for those affected by Anthem data breach

mark warnerU.S. Sen. Mark Warner provided a variety of useful resources and an online form on his Senate website for Virginians potentially impacted by the cyberattack targeting Anthem to contact his office for assistance.  Anthem, Virginia’s largest health insurer and the provider serving state and federal employees and retirees, announced today that hackers recently gained access to up to 80 million customer names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, mail and email addresses, employment and income information. Anthem reportedly is working with federal officials to determine who is behind the attack, and the extent of the data breach.

A new link prominently posted on Sen. Warner’s homepage directs Virginians to the latest information from Anthem, and provides relevant consumer information on identity theft and ways to protect yourself from cyberthieves.  Anthem has established a website,, where members can access information about the breach. There is also a toll-free number for current and former Anthem members to call,877-263-7995. Sen. Warner’s website also provides links to useful information about protecting yourself against, or responding quickly to, the theft of your personal and financial information. The Senator’s resource page also includes a form for constituents to use seeking additional help from his office in the wake of the Anthem data breach.

“Unfortunately, the cyberattack against Anthem is just the latest example in an increasing number of data breaches which have hit millions of consumers,” Sen. Warner said. “The gravity of these crimes cannot be overstated. That’s why we must see increased cooperation between the public and private sectors in securing data, reporting suspected breaches to law enforcement, and ensuring adequate technology investments are made to better protect our privacy and other sensitive personal information.”

On February 3, 2014, Sen. Warner chaired the first hearing in Congress in the aftermath of the Target breach.  On the heels of that hearing, Sens. Warner and Mark Kirk (R-IL) called for the private sector to cooperate in creating Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) to share information on data breaches, something the retail and financial services industries now have pursued on a voluntary basis.  Additionally, Sens. Warner and Kirk introduced legislation in the last Congress to strengthen consumer protections for debit cardholdersby capping liability for fraud at $50, the same amount as for credit cards.  Sen. Warner currently is working on legislation to require enhanced private sector data security measures and consumer breach notification.

In addition,  Sen. Warner successfully amended The Intelligence Authorization Act of 2015 last December directing the President to address problems related to cyber criminals known to be operating in Ukraine, which international law enforcement authorities have identified as a major center for hackers and cyberthieves.  The Warner Amendment encouraged the President to take steps to make America safer from cybercrimes emanating from Ukraine, including improved intelligence and law enforcement cooperation, improved extradition procedures to ensure that cybercriminals face justice after causing damage to American  consumers.

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