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See for yourself what happened Tuesday night

Op-Ed by Ellen Winter

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The best show in town this week is Channel 14 from about 9:10-9:40 p.m. See your city government in action. Unfortunately, it is a reality show not fiction — even though some of it is unbelievable.

Tuesday night at the City Council meeting Doug Walker, city manager, got the shaft from the newly elected city-council members. That’s hard to do considering the third member of the “new” majority has not even taken office — but his far-reaching power transcends time travel. He is even more amazing, folks — he can evaluate Mr. Walker’s performance without ever meeting with him.

Observe the dignity with which Mr. Walker resigned, true to his stellar character. Listen to the praises the current majority have for our slain leader. Listen to the applause from the audience supporting the city manager and his many accomplishments. Watch the mayor fall on his sword. Watch Mr. “No Skin Off My Nose” disappear with hyper speed after the show and read in Wednesday’s paper how Mr. “Take Confidential Info to the Press” state the resignation/firing was not meant to be “played out in the press.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the sponsors of this show, the voters that elected the new stars, to our drama. Perhaps this is the first step in their cost cutting — stay tuned.

Yes sir, the citizens of Waynesboro are in for quite a show.

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