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Security processes that can save your online business

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Online businesses remain one of the most attractive targets for hackers, as hacking can give attackers access to users’ personal data and payment information. Despite the development of more and more new means of protection, the number of cyberattacks on the web is growing every year.

If you’re an owner of online business, here’s what you should know

The increasing complexity and distribution of the information infrastructure mean that online businesses are becoming more vulnerable. The reasons include:

  • Human errors;
  • Technical failures;
  • Malware;
  • Lack of security on one of the levels.

All these reasons imply the active use of numerous information security subsystems. Unfortunately, e-Commerce is almost the main target of online crime due to the large amount of personal and payment information required to make a purchase.

That’s why even if the website does not directly process money transactions, a hacked site can redirect customers to a fake page or change an order before it is sent to the payment system. Hacking can have grave consequences for both buyers and sellers, and to prevent this, more and more people are turning to complex security processes like AML software (Anti Money Laundering).

What is security of an online store?

The security of online store customers is, first of all, the security of personal data and customer payments. Small and medium-sized stores Usually prefer not to handle customer payments themselves, transferring this data to payment gateways. Alternatively, they don’t allow the customers to pay online at all, in which case payment for delivery is made in cash to the store’s courier, which is not too convenient. At the same time, such stores do not have to bear responsibility for maintaining confidential data of their customers.

Online store protection includes a set of ongoing and evolving measures. The high level of e-Commerce store protection from external threats helps prevent and minimize the potential risks of downtime, rating drops, and of reputation loss. The increased focus on safety is primarily a contribution to the successful operation and development of the business.

There is good news for anyone looking to protect their customers. Protection tools are currently fully compliant with the threat level. Each owner of an online store today can easily turn to a specialist company that can ensure the security of their Internet resource. Such companies can deliver a wide range of services, from a full information security audit to the creation of a reliable security system.

However, small online stores, usually try to maximize profits by eliminating most of the “extra” costs, which include the cost of providing information security. This is one of the strong arguments in favor of purchasing goods from large and well-known online stores that value their reputation.

How can you protect your business?

If you own an online business, do yourself a favor and invest in a comprehensive system of protection options custom-built for your case. A unique set of security and safety measures will deal with the majority of attacks that your business may experience. The main thing here is to make sure that the implemented system is fully automated and requires a minimum of your time.

Story by Gonchar Sergey

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