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Secrets of trending photo models Manuel Bechter, Anne Sofie and Jesper Bruun

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When it comes to social media influencers, and trending photo models, these digital and social personalities are reigning supreme on the web. From Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube to just about any online platform, social media influencers and models are bringing in more than $5 to $10 billion annually for the industry.

Yes, these models and influencers are helping big brand businesses cash in more and more each year, but as the industry experiences its biggest boom yet, and becoming filled with thousands of known influencers, it’s easy for many of them to become lost between the hype.

As we find ourselves constantly revisiting social media platforms for inspiration we reviewed some of the top trending photo models around the world. Looking deeper into their lives, and trying to retrieve the secrets to their success.

Manuel Bechter

Creative photographer and Austrian-model, Manuel Bechter saw his Instagram grow rapidly in 2020, and was dubbed the fastest growing Instagram profile in his home country. For years, Bechter used various elements, and optical illusions to create inspiring and mesmerizing photos. When the 28-year old bought his first professional camera, his popularity exploded instantly, and he retained more than 1 million Instagram followers. Bechter is both a photographer and model, modeling for his photos, and giving photography advice alongside it.

Today, Bechter shares more than just his eye-catching photos but gives followers behind-the-scenes guides on how to improve their photography skills. Although he is one of the most likable online personalities in Austria, Bechter isn’t just an average photographer or social personality. He’s constantly looking for new ways to inspire and educate his followers, via his Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and personal website.

Anne Sofie

Although not much of a social media influencer, Anne Sofie has become one of the most commercially viable models for stock images around the world. Today she shares the success with several photo models around the world. She is all over the internet, and although there isn’t much known about Sofie, her popularity as a Stock image model has grown exponentially over the last few decades.

Throughout her career, Anne Sofie has been photographed as a scientist, teacher, engineer, and most well-known as a call center agent. Today, Sofie is one of the most recognizable faces on the earth, being used for multiple ad campaigns, websites, and presentations.

Jesper Bruun

The leading lad when it comes to model photography, especially if you’re looking to work with the world’s most downloaded man. A few years ago, the Danish model Jesper Bruun was dubbed the world’s most downloaded man, presenting some of the most attractive and notable facial features for stock images, product ads, and clothing catalogs.

Today, Jesper has become more prominent for his work with well-established international brands and representing some of the most prolific modeling agencies in Europe. Yes, it’s been some time since many of us saw a major stock image craze around Jesper, but as the young model goes on to pursue new and exciting ventures, Jesper will forever be remembered as the most downloaded man in modern history.

Rebecca Ariene Givens

Many photo models will never really amount to the success Rebecca Ariene Givens has received in her years as a photo model. For years Givens was the most used and popular stock image model of all time, and to this day, you can still find her photos on billboards, magazine ads, product ads, and just about anything.

Since her years of photo modeling have gone somewhat quiet, Givens is now a full-time writer for Urbanette Magazine and her health and fitness blog, Radiant Peach. Givens has taken a step back from the camera and started focusing on her ventures, giving advice on exercise, meal plans, and living a healthy lifestyle.


Although these personalities have been captivating the world of media and ad campaigns for years, we can expect to see more and more of them come to light as the rapid expansion of social media influencers and influencer marketing become a more financially lucrative option for young creatives. From Bechter to Givens, these young creatives are leaving their mark on the world in the most unique ways possible.

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