Scott Cooper Miami agrees with scientists that our bodies are made of star stuff

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So, it all started in the 1973, when Carl Sagan published in ‘The Cosmic Connection- an Extraterrestrial Perspective’.

“We’re made of star-stuff.

Our bodies are made of star-stuff.

There are bits of stars within all of us.”

The astronomer was then hosted in a TV series called ‘Cosmos’ to explain and narrate science-related topics.

Scientists claim that 97 percent of the human body is made of stardust. This is claimed by scientists after measuring the distribution of important elements of life in 150,000 stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our human body is comprised of common elements found on Earth such as sulfur, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorous, and nitrogen. After research, it was understood that some of the important elements of life are made in stars.

Scott Cooper Miami stated, “Most elements found in the human body come from the supernova. This is the most interesting hypothesis about stars.”

Sten Hasselquist from New Mexico State University said, “We can now learn the dissemination of elements across the Galaxy.”

Traveling of star stuff to Earth

Chris Impey, astronomical professor at the University of Arizona once said,” the universe was first made of hydrogen and helium. Carbon came after billions of years. All organic matter on Earth containing carbon was produced firstly in stars.”

The theory says, when the stars are exhausted of hydrogen it dies with an explosion. This explosion is called a supernova. The dead stars shine continuously for several weeks before fading. The material formed due to supernova is scattered in interstellar space. So, all lives on Earth containing atoms were formed by the furnace of dead stars.

Scott Cooper Miami stated, “All elements together combine to form a new star, then get burned, and exit into the interstellar space after the supernova.”

The team of Scott J Cooper Miami Beach had a close discussion with scientists. They believe that the new second generation of stars can produce more elements like magnesium, carbon, and few other elements stated in the periodic table. Scientists believe that these elements are also found in the human body after supernova.

Scott Cooper Miami even stated that scientists recorded in the 1980s about elements formed by a supernova. The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth of stars is continuing for years. Large stars last for a few million years while smaller stars last for more than 10 million years.

According to scientists, every element that surrounds us and is found in our body is formed by a burned star. This process has been observed for billion years. Even the asteroids are made of these elements. These elements form different types of gas, solid, and liquid when combined together.

Scott Cooper Miami says, “What you see above is the supernova image which happened millions of years ago. The color of the star can reveal the age and temperature of it. Older stars are red while new stars are blue. The red color means the stars are cooler and blue depicts the stars are hot.

Thus, the theory of Earth containing minute star particles was announced even before 2002 Moby’s popular song, “We’re All Made of Stars.”

Story by Erika Evans

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