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Schmookler to host event in Harrisonburg

Sixth District Democratic congressional nominee Andy Schmookler will host a brief talk for voters on the topic of “The Real Threat to Our American Liberties.” The event will be held in Downtown Harrisonburg on Monday, July 23 starting at 7 p.m.

“Many Americans are rightly concerned about preserving freedom in America,” Schmookler said. “But many are guarding against the wrong kinds of threat.” 

Schmookler, the author of a prize-winning book about the problem of power in the development of civilization, will talk about the special achievement of our Founders in setting up a government that is not just of the people, but also “for the people and by the people,” and he will explain how the current political dynamic – including the corrupting role of money in our political system – threatens to dismantle that achievement.

“There is a battle going on in America today about the future of our democracy,: Schmookler said. “And my opponent [Bob Goodlatte] and I are on opposite sides in that battle.”

The event will be held at Adona Music,  34 Main Street in Downtown Harrisonburg.

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