Schmookler concedes Sixth District race

Comments from Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Andy Schmookler, who failed in his bid to unseat Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte.

“I’d like first to congratulate my opponent in this race, Bob Goodlatte, on winning his 11th term in Congress.

“Next I would like to extend to all the many people who have helped our campaign a most heartfelt thanks.   For April and me, campaigning around this District has been a most rich and rewarding experience. Mostly because of the many wonderful people we have met.  I won’t start trying to name names, because there are so many who deserve mention. But please know you are, and will remain, in our hearts.

“And let me express the hope, too, that you will remain in our lives.  Because though this campaign is over, and though we did not win the seat in Congress for which we have fought so hard, the battle must surely go on.

“For me, the purpose of this campaign has never been wholly defined by the outcome tonight.  The purpose has always been to have an impact on the political dynamic that’s been degrading our country. Winning would have been one powerful way to have such an impact. But it is not the only one. Indeed, I truly feel that this campaign has already been a success.

“Even without victory, we have had an impact: thanks to our efforts, the 6th District is not the same. A fire has been kindled, and a fire tends to spread. As a teacher, I know that with many students the effects of one’s effort can take time to manifest themselves.

“Although we have not had all the success we sought, I am feeling deeply gratified by what we have accomplished. And while –having fought this battle now for more than eight years, a bit less than two of them as a candidate, and being 66 years old– I’m not about to say, “I have just begun to fight,” I will say that the battle can and must continue.  That would be true, win or lose in this contest.  The challenge now is to discern the best way to carry that battle forward.

“And wherever that path leads –back into the electoral arena, or some other way, or both– I hope that I will continue to have your support, your companionship, and your prayers.”

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