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Scaling up production with CNC Machining

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CNC or computer numerical control machines have been around for many years. They’ve been systematically improved so that cutting and finishing a product is as accurate as possible. Engineers understand the importance of these machines because they offer both prototyping and manufacturing possibilities. Explore the latest production improvements with CNC machining services today.

  1. Understanding the core benefits of CNC technology

Before engineers select CNC machining services for their needs, it’s critical to understand why it’s a go-to process in the first place. CNC processes are subtractive by nature. The machine takes a bulk piece of material and cuts it into a precise shape. CNC machining is known to be precise, improves production numbers and offers relatively low prices. If a 3D printing process doesn’t work for a prototype, CNC machining is the next best choice.

  1. CNC Machining for the 21st century

CNC prototyping at its basic level isn’t a novel idea, but working online during the entire process is a unique concept. Imagine a day where an engineer doesn’t have to leave the office for a prototyping errand. He or she stays behind the computer the entire time.

The engineer visits 3D Hubs’s website, for example. The designs can be uploaded in a matter of seconds to the service page. With over 140 locations to serve every customer, the designs don’t sit idle for too long. They simply require a quote approval before the work begins in earnest.

  1. Benefiting from online analysis

The most talented engineers in the world will encounter some issues with their designs. Mistakes are part of the human experience. Before CNC prototyping begins, an automated analysis kicks into gear. The system explores the design, pinpoints any problems and reports back to the engineer.

Engineers have a chance to fix the issues before reissuing the prototype order. The designs go through another analysis screening as a final step. Assuming everything looks correct, the order can move onto the next step. This analysis saves time and money when it comes to creating items that are precisely designed.

  1. Instant quotes

Whether an engineer requires five or 1,000 parts, each order comes with an instant quote. Following the analysis is the quoting session, which takes less time than a local shop’s practices. Engineers quickly receive a quote that covers all of the labor, materials and refining practices necessary to produce the items. Engineers are welcome to approve or decline the quote as necessary.

This instant quote from 3D Hubs comes from an automated service, which is in stark contrast to a local shop. There are often days that go by for these quotes to surface. Engineers can keep their tight schedules on track as a result.

Try 3D Hubs online services today. From simple to complex designs, prototypes and assemblies are possible with just a quick visit to the website. Engineers can try out those unusual ideas without worrying about the bottom line. The latest inventions can be discovered with a bit of vision and help from online CNC services.

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