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Save time online when playing bonus buy slots

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There are a lot of great online entertainment options available these days, from video streaming services to online games and slots. Finding ways to pass time online has never been easier and doing so needn’t be a waste: there are now several ways to have fun online while also potentially earning some extra cash. Many players have found that they enjoy playing online slots as a way to pass time and maybe win a few dollars.

One of the key features in an online slots game is the bonus round, which can often only be achieved after playing for a long time. Many players find the bonus section to be the most fun and lucrative part of the game as it offers the best chance of winning the jackpot. However, it often takes ages to reach it as you have to go through hundreds of spins to unlock the bonus. If you’ve been playing the same slot frequently, you might find it boring to have to work through the required spins to reach the bonus.

For this reason, many online game operators have chosen to include a bonus buy feature in their slots games. The bonus buy, or ‘feature buy,’ option allows the player to save time by skipping ahead to the bonus round. To do so the player is given the option to wager a certain amount of their pot to account for the cost of spins it would usually require.

Depending on the slots game you choose, the amount required to activate the bonus buy feature could differ greatly. It’s a good idea to check if it’s worthwhile, as some games charge an excessive amount to buy the feature bonus.

Is it worth it?

To figure out whether or not the bonus buy feature is worth it, you should check out some details of the game. All online slots games have an RTP, or return-to-player, which a percentage of how much money is returned by the game. This is usually between 94 and 98% and the higher it is, the better.

It’s also good to check what the max payout of the jackpot is. There’s no point buying a bonus feature that can’t win you more than you paid! However, don’t immediately go with the game that has the highest jackpot – often these games have low RTPs, making it near impossible to win.

Bonus buy games

The original bonus buy slot, White Rabbit, remains one of the best bonus buy slots. This megaways offering from Big Time Gaming lets a player buy the bonus feature for 100x the current betting level and has an impressive 97.39% RTP. The maximum jackpot payout on White Rabbit is 13,000 times your bet, so you could really win big.

By comparison, another bonus buy slot called Extra Chili offers a feature buy for only 50x the current bet level and has a 20,000 jackpot payout. However, with an RTP of only 96.2%, it offers a significantly lower chance of winning.

You can play bonus buy slots on several sites from around the world and almost anywhere that offers safe and legal online gambling. Only in the United Kingdom bonus buy slots have been restricted since they violate a clause in UK gambling legislation.