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Sanford D. Horn | More Morantics, and Mrs. Morantics, Too

Usually we can count on the irascible Eighth District Democratic Congressman Jim Moran for entertainment whenever he decides to open his mouth, but this time the irascibility was a tag-team effort with his wife LuAnn Bennett who both caused a scene on Inauguration Day at the Capitol.

Shortly after Obama uttered the words “the time has come to set aside childish things,” during his inaugural dicta, Moran’s wife demanded entry into the Capitol Building during the time when the Obamas were escorting the Bushes to their departing helicopter. Capitol police put up a barricade during President and Mrs. Bush’s departure, allowing entry to members only, which apparently ruffled the feathers of Bennett, who after loudly arguing with the officers phoned her husband.

Moran, who upon hitting the scene was full of his usual bluster, shouted at the officer who refused Bennett entry – correctly doing his job, until he relented and allowed Bennett entry. By the way, the officers did not allow Mrs. Larry Summers entry. John Lawrence, Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff, understood the rules and waited patiently.

Cleary this is not an attack on Democrats, as two of them had no issues with the policy. As usual, Moran and apparently his wife believe the rules are not for them. This may seem like a non-issue, but it is a prime example of what is wrong with our alleged leaders. Moran’s behavior has been chronicled since his days before being elected mayor of Alexandria. Between his litany of physical assaults and foot in mouth disease the voters, ignorant that they are, continue to return this buffoon to Congress every other year like clockwork.

Since 2002 I have seen GOP candidates come and go in the revolving door attempting to take down this Brahman bully, who for some reason has always been nice to me – really. (Probably until now, that is.) Quite frankly, if I could raise $3 million, I would challenge him in 2010. Any fundraisers out there?


– Column by Sanford D. Horn

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