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Samsung Galaxy Buds vs. Samsung Gear IconX vs. Treblab xFit: Is there a winner?

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Buds, in-ears, cans… No matter how you call them, you want your headphones to deliver out-of-this-world audio, and you don’t mind some extra features. But how do you choose your perfect pair when there are so many plummy Bluetooth earphones, like Samsung Galaxy Buds, Gear IconX, and Treblab xFit?

Indeed, each of these options has taken the industry by storm, making it tricky for audiophiles to choose one. Let us save you the trouble! We’re going to compare the Galaxy Buds vs. IconX vs. xFit so that you can finally make up your mind.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

When they were released back in 2019, we were all impressed by their sleek truly wireless design. To put it bluntly, we’re still are. The Galaxy Buds look discreet, are available in several colors, and produce a stellar beat. And if you’re eager to control ambient noises, they have got you covered, too.

Samsung Gear IconX

Designed with gym-goers’ and runners’ needs in mind, the Gear IconX serves as your personal trainer for all things working out. The build is pretty much like that of the Galaxy Buds, except they have larger wingtips. So, you can match them with everything from your sombrero to sportswear.

Treblab xFit

The xFit are here to prove that an elegant look and truly wireless headphones should go hand in hand. They are exceptionally lightweight and can act as noise-cancelers if you feel like immersing yourself in clear sounding. For more compactness, their charging case is also designed to be tiny yet refined.

Digging deeper into what they all got for you

Now, keep your eyes peeled for the prominent features of each pair of these Bluetooth headphones. Don’t fast-forward the following all-encompassing comparison:

  • Sound quality. For fairness’ sake, all these models deliver crisp sound. The difference lies in that the AKG-powered Galaxy Buds support SBC and AAC, with the latter being missing in the IconX. Meanwhile, Treblab xFit have got TrueHD to make you bubbling with music excitement.
  • Battery life. With the Galaxy Buds, you can listen to your tunes nonstop for 6 hours and then get 7 more hours from a single case charge. The IconX offer a total of 10 hours of playtime. Not enough? Then Treblab xFit are your best way to go with their unprecedented 30 (5+25) hours in battery life.
  • Design. Both Samsung models fit tight enough for you to run, jump, and squat without them falling off. Being on a par with them, the xFit are also a boon to sports enthusiasts. No wires. No tangles. Maximum comfort with silicone ear tips.
  • Price. Get ready to lash out $49.97 for a pair of Treblab xFit coming with a charging case, 3 different ear tip sizes, and a cable. As for the Galaxy Buds and Gear IconX, the average Amazon prices are $103 and $84, respectively. But if you want them to be delivered to Latin America, keep in mind that you may be charged additional shipping fees.
  • Amazon rating. Never gloss over what other audiophiles think. After taking a glimpse at the stars on Amazon, we’ve found out that the Galaxy Buds and xFit are rated at the similarly high level, with 4.3 for Samsung’s headphones and 4.2 for those by Treblab. The Gear IconX, however, trail behind them with 3.4.
  • Water resistance. As IPX2 wireless earphones, the Galaxy Buds and IconX can withstand some droplets. Still, they are not water-resistant, according to Samsung. Unlike them, IPX6-rated Treblab xFit really are, which makes them perfect for outdoor workouts in wet countries, like Colombia or Costa Rica.
  • Bluetooth. When it comes to connectivity, all 3 models can be paired with Android and iOS. But only Treblab xFit and Samsung Galaxy Buds provide the benefits of revolutionary Bluetooth 5.0, whereas the Gear IconX settle for Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Weight. As one of the most compact headphones on the market, the xFit are the lightest of the bunch. Each bud weighs only 3.8g, as compared to 5.6g and 8.0g for the Galaxy Buds and Gear IconX, respectively. Take this into account if you’re looking for Bluetooth earbuds for working out.

We do hope this breakdown will help you take your pick. Plus, you can use it as your guide when choosing between not only these Bluetooth headphones but also other models.

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