Sam Rasoul | Been here before

Down eight points in the polls with one week left, Creigh Deeds lost his 2005 statewide race for attorney general to Bob McDonnell by about 300 votes out of 2 million!

Deja vu? When I spoke with Creigh yesterday, he reminded me that we are in the same exact spot now, except this time Virginia has more Democrats than we did in 2005, and Obama’s victory proved that last year.

More important than money, what Creigh needs now is votes to become the next governor! We have more votes than Bob McDonnell, but we have to turn them out to the polls!

Let the TV ads worry about persuasion; we need to focus on getting out the vote. Be sure to make contact with your friends and neighbors who supported President Obama and remind them that Virginia needs them once again on Nov. 3.

Remember, all of the appointments to heads of agencies in transportation, health, commerce, and education are made by the governor and have a profound impact on our daily lives as Virginians.

We have more votes, so let’s make them count on Nov. 3!


Sam Rasoul was the 2008 Democratic Party nominee in the Sixth Congressional District.


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